Monday, May 14, 2007

First Mothers Day & More

Hope you like the new blog look - it's a bit pink but I like it!

Mothers Day weekend was great. Char & Jan came over Friday night for a bar-b-q and we woke up Saturday a little worse for wear, which is the norm when the 4 of us get together. I went to Marion Village community yard sale with Gina on Saturday morning then we spent the rest of the day gardening. The garden is starting to look lovely & I'll post some pix soon.

Here's my little love helping mummy water the garden. Seconds later he was chewing on that hose like his life depended on it.

On Sunday Craig was going to give me a lie-in but Jack had other ideas and decided to exercise his vocal chords till I gave up and got out of bed at 8am. Craig cooked me breakfast then we pottered around the garden. It's been mid-70's and sunny for 3 weeks now and we really need rain but it's been lovely to be outside.

Brian, Emily, & Katy came by and we had a good laugh watching Jack & Katy interact. She's 1 this next week and it's so interesting to see where Jack will be soon. She's walking and really interacting with people. She also has a great belly laugh. Here they are having a tandem tractor ride!

On a sidenote, I've had BIG news in the last week. I'm going to be a Great Auntie! My niece, Gemma, is pregnant. Also my sister, Jen and her family are moving from Manchester to the Lancashire countryside to a place called Haskayne.

Then just today - more big news.. Craig gave his notice at work and starts a new one Monday. I'm pleased about it. This morning he got up at 3am so he could work in Cincinnati. He put in a 10 1/2 hour day then drove home exhausted. Life's far too short for that nonsense.

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