Holiday Weekend - Yippee!

It's Memorial Day weekend here so we get a 3 - day weekend. Memorial Day weekend is the same as Remembrance Day in England - a time to honor soldiers and remember those that have died. They don't have poppies over here but there's lots of parades and memorials and such.

I am looking forward to hanging out at the house and spending some time with Jack & Craig. This week I have been doing a class project with my students - we have been renovating a local high school baseball field. Currently I'm sat at my desk, having got home about half an hour ago, and I'm sweaty and covered in soil but what a great thing we did! The school has no money or parent involvement so we got a load of stuff donated and fixed their field. The students loved it and I did too. Here's a picture of us after we finished....

Jack's doing great. He LOVES the paddling pool, which is good because it's been hotter than hell this week. 90 degrees again today, which makes me as red as a cherry tomato. Damn my English tanning ability! This week Jack also climbed up the basement stairs - his aim in life right now is to climb things and throw himself off the top. He's on the verge of walking and took his first step this week so in no time he'll be running around like a lunatic.

Craig's doing great too - decided to stay at his job as his boss got "let go" and the big bosses are saying things will improve - which they already seem to have done, so fingers crossed. His mum and dad arrive on the 8th of June so he's excited.

Lastly, to my friends and family in England this weekend:

  • Mum - have a great vacation with the kids.
  • My sis, Jenny - good luck moving house!
  • My friend, Paul - I'm so sorry Liverpool didn't win the Champions League (stupid Italians) but congrats on being an uncle again
  • My gorgeous niece, Abby - belated birthday gift got posted today sweetheart, sorry.
  • My friend, SMBL - good luck moving house!


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