Sunday, May 27, 2007

Cook-out with Friends

Our weekend so far has been really good. We had a cook-out yesterday. Our friends Todd, Kelli and their soon-to-be 2 year old daughter Hannah came over. Todd is sat, left, next to Mike - another friend of ours that called by with some English lads. The weather was scorching - as it has been for about a month. We desperately need rain but no luck so far. Storms have been rolling through all weekend but break up when they get to us.

We got the paddling pool out and it kept the little ones busy all afternoon. Jack needed some coaxing to get in as it was a bit cold but Hannah just dove right in! She's a character.

The English lads brought some beer over and the box was a major source of entertainment!

Last night we watched the new Rocky movie. It was a bit cheesy in parts but we both love Rocky so we didn't mind too much. I think they left it where they could bring another one out. We never really get to see any boxing so I think we are going to try and go to a cage fight sometime. We both felt a little worse for wear today so didn't get any chores done. Plus, we're too stinking hot to move as our AC is on the blink again. The guy's coming out tomorrow to fix it hopefully.

The plan for tomorrow is to finish painting the house (I'll post some pix) and get some stuff done before Craig's mum & dad get here on the 8th.

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