Monday, July 30, 2007

Running for the Bus

Craig went white-water rafting on the New River in West Virginia this weekend. It's an annual event that he goes to with friends from work & some other mates. We had our friend Jon staying with us so I wasn't in the house on my own and Gina stayed over too.

Cowboy Jack! Saturday I took Jack to Rod's Western Store as there was a fete on, with horses and music and free cowboy food (beans & hotdogs!).

Jack LOVED the pony rides and had two. Here he is on Buttercup. He kept leaning over and patting the horse's neck, like a real cowboy!

Saturday night we went to the Villa:Crew game. Villa won 3-1 so my friend Jon was happy. He gave me a new team shirt as you can see. Jack got to "high-five" the Crew Cat and did okay until about 9m but then we had to bring him home to bed before he lost it.

Gina & Jack. She'll be a wondeful mum one day.

Jack is now like a whirling-dermish. Toddling, crawling, climbing, running, doing everthing he can to get up to mischief. I took a short video of him this weekend "running for the bus" and saying his favourite thing right now - "bye bye".

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Emily said...

He looks like Katy, always running for the door and saying bye-bye. Makes me feel like home is the last place she'd like to be... oh, well.
hope to see you soon. let us know if you'd like to grab dinner after work this week.

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