Friday, July 27, 2007

Visitor from England

Yesterday one of my ex-students from England arrived to stay with us for the weekend. Jon is the Head Groundsman at Aston Villa Football Club
Villa are in town to play Columbus Crew tomorrow night so we rallied to get Jon over with the team. The owner of Villa is Randy Lerner, who also owns the Cleveland Browns, so we took Jon there today to meet the head groundsman. It was the Browns first day of official training and Villa also had a practice at the training ground.

The motley crew at the Browns training ground in Berea.

The motley crew at the Browns Stadium. There was a major flood in there last week so the locker rooms were being gutted. They also had a new field installed last night & the grounds crew didn't finish sodding until 4.30am this morning.

So, we've got a busy weekend lined up, including the Villa:Crew game and lots of socialising, although last night we socialised just a bit too much and I've been worse for wear all day.

A couple of things I found out about Jon that are really great:

  • He was the last person to score a goal in Wembley Stadium before it was torn down. Really!
  • He was once kicked up the bum by Gazza (famous crazy soccer player from England)

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