Sunday, July 22, 2007

Weekend doing Diddly-Squat

This weekend was weird. We had all these plans to get rid of the big pile of tree branches sat in the garden, clean out the garage and basement and several other tedious tasks. Turns out we did NOTHING all weekend.

Well, we did help Gabriella set up and put on a party for her husband Gary's 40th on Saturday. She turned her garden into an "English Fete", complete with coconut shy, English food (cornish parties, trifle, scones with Devon cream & jam,lots of cheeses), bunting and straw bales to sit on. We had a great time but had to skip out of there early for Jack's nap. Picture above: Gary & Gabriella, with their son, Colm.

Craig and Jack with a friend, Ed

We did some gardening but not much. I think the garden is starting to look good too. It's been a big job just to keep everything from dying as we are currently in a moderate drought and about 6.5 inches below normal rain for the year. A direct contrast to England with all the terrible floods. I saw Tewksbury on the BBC today and it looked like New Orleans all over again!

This morning we rang Craig's mum to wish her happy birthday then just kind of hung out. I'm reading a FABULOUS book "Nowhere on Earth" by Josephine Humphreys. It's historical fiction, set in N.C in 1864 and the heroine is one of those characters that you immediately fall in love with so I'm already dreading finishing the book because I'll miss her.

Last but not least, our Jack playing with a wooden puzzle Auntie Jenny got him. He dumps out the pieces and I put them back together to his great delight. Just this weeks he's started doing "bye bye" and talks a lot now. He's walking more but still plops down when it gets too much for him. The marks on his face are from a fall he had last Monday at day care. Now that he's toddling I'm one step behind him everywhere he goes!

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