Great Weekend at Geneva on the Lake

We just got back from Geneva on the Lake - a little town on Lake Erie. It's a party town - calls itself "Vegas on the Lake" and full of Harley riders and guys with old American cars cruise up and down the strip. Had a fun time and would probably go again. We especially liked Eddie's Grill, a 1950's American Diner, and the people - VERY laid back and there for a good time.
Anyway, he's some pix of our fun weekend:

Our "cabins" - okay, more like garden sheds but at least we had no raccoons! Did have screened porches too - critical for those night time socials when you want to sit out and drink wine without being eaten by mozzies!

The "strip" was right on Lake Erie and we saw some wonderful sunsets. Geneva on the Lake is a BIG Harley town - so if you like bikes you'd like it. You can see that they park up every day at Eddie's. There's also lots of old American cars like the Camero SS and Mustang.

Eddie's Grill was a great haunt of ours. Also, the Sunshine Breakfast Cafe, where the staff are the entertainment - very funny.

Harry with his foot long hotdog at Eddie's.

Our trip to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame was great. To be inducted into the RRHF you have to be nominated 25 years after the first record, so there' still people, like Madonna, that aren't in it. It was good but there's lots I would change - for starters, they should get a baby changing station in every restroom because I kept having to go back to the ground floor! As far as the music goes - the first floor was an educational overload and then the next 5 floors were not as good. My favourite bits were: John Lennon's school report cards, Freddie Mercury's clothes (he was TINY), and touching Johnny Cash's tour bus (see below).

Johnny Cash's tour bus - used from 1979-2003. Made in Columbus (Grove City) Ohio. He called it his second home and always used it as his transport. After June died he sold it - 2 months before he died. It isn't open to the public yet but I got to see it.

Lake Erie - Jack's first swim. Both Craig and I got in with him - up to our necks, Brrrrr. He was cold at first but then okay. He loved it.
Playing on the beach and built his first sandcastle with his dad

these kiddie rides. His particular favourite was "Pink Panther" as you can see below when he dances with excitement!

A vacation story would not be complete without it. What a pair of handsome devils...


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