Our Lad Turns One!

July 3rd our little boy turned one. How the last year has flown! I read recently that with a child each day is long but the years go fast and that's so true.
We celebrated by having a garden party with our close friends. Here's a few pictures from the big event...

All dressed up for the party and getting a hug from his mummy

First to arrive is Auntie Gina with lots of toys and ready to play

Todd & Kelli brought their pool over. Their daughter Hannah and Jack just loved it

Cooking up trouble in his kitchen with Katy

Eating his birthday cake - seconds before the big meltdown. Oh, and looks who's in the wings - just yearning to lick Jack's fingers.....

He got lots of toys, so many that I had to go to the recycle place today with all the cardboard boxes! Here he is on his new bike that he got from Nana Lloyd and Grandad Tom.

He had a fabulous day, really enjoyed playing with his friends and later we took him to watch the fireworks. I'm happy he's reached this milestone but also sad as it's going by too quick.

Two new things for him now - got to switch him to cow's milk and his car seat can now face forward. I think he's days away from walking but we'll wait and see.


Fredsueand me said…
Happy birthday jack, love aunty sue, uncle lee and noah, the party looked fab. talk to you soon.
hallhead said…
We love your pics Jack and Nana and Grandad miss you very much.You are growing very fast.God bless you darling and lots and lots of love.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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