Friday, July 27, 2007

I'm Going to be a Great Auntie!

I got a letter today off my niece & Godaughter, Gemma. She's expecting a baby January 1st, 2008 and so sent me a picture from her scan.

It doesn't seem possible that she's going to be a mum. I remember the night she was born in 1989. I was at college and the warden came knocking on my door to say that she'd arrived. I went to the hospital to see her and I was elated when my sister asked me to be her God Mother. She's turned into a beautiful and lovely natured young woman and I miss her very much. I'm so sad I missed her 18th birthday this April!

Here is the little scamp. I'm already looking at baby stuff to buy and now I understand why so many people had a burning desire to buy us stuff for Jack. It's compulsive - it's about buying things for BABIES!

I am looking forward to being a Great Aunt. My sister Jen is 42 and will be a nana! I've already given her some stick about that.

Gemma might find out at the end of August if it's a George or a Mildred. So far she likes the name Lexie for a girl.

I'll keep everyone posted on her progress.

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