Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th!

Happy Independence Day! It might seem a tad odd to people that Craig and I celebrate this holiday as Brits don't tend to celebrate their defeats but the USA has been very good to us and our lad is both American & British at this point.
We had a lovely day - just chilling out and did a bit of shopping as Jack got some gift cards for his birthday. Look what he wore today...

First time in his forward facing seat and he LOVED it. Know why? Craig put a Sesame Street DVD in his GPS/DVD thingy at the front and Jack just danced and clapped in his seat. Marvelous!

As I'm writing this I can hear the Clintonville fireworks going off but we didn't go. Last night we watched Columbus's Red White & Boom display. I have to post this YouTube video of it because it was very impressive. Stick around for the "Grand Finale" - which is nothing short of obnoxious!

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Emily said...

We watched it on TV with our little one asleep, and when it got to the end, I was like, "what in the world is THIS?" That's not the type of music I typically think of as celebratory, but ok....
Anyway, glad you had a good time. And thanks for the party, it was so fun!

3 Month Catch-up

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