Get a Grip Woman!

I am stressed at the moment. It's a word I actually don't like but hear it every day, not just from my mouth but from friends and colleagues and my husband.

It's a word I'd never use when talking to my mum, or anyone else from her generation actually. It would be a bit like telling someone who'd climbed Everest that you had trouble getting your ass up a step-ladder.

At the moment the most stressful place is at home, which is ridiculous because it's my favourite place to be. I know it's at home because I took this scientific test.

Why am I stressed at home? Here's a moment that escalated into me wanting to get on a boat to China today:

About 2am this morning Jack cried out just once, but I woke up as usual because the second his mouth opens my eyelids fly open like a ninja. He went immediately back to sleep but I couldn't, so I trotted off to the loo, so then Cody comes clip-clopping through the house. His nails making huge noise on the wood floors that threaten to re-awaken Jack. Then he stands outside Jack's door and has a good shake, I mean really gets a good rattle going with his collar jingling and tinkling for good measure. At this point I'm lying in bed thinking "I'm going to build a dog house in the garden and relegate that flea-bitten hound to outdoor living". Then, as usual, and for a reason only known to this cat, Frank starts his night howling. Every single night, since Jack was born, he howls near Jack's bedroom door. The howl is a low, scary, loud howl and there's no reason for it, other than to make me feel murderous. By now I am muttering profanitities and calling the cat names that would make a sailor blush. In summary, Cody's now asleep on my legs, Craig's snoring, Jack's murmuring (will he wake up?), Frank's howling and I've got pains in my chest with stress. Fat chance of sleeping.

I know this is ridiculous and I need to get a grip as there's a lot more going on in the world than noisy animals. It's probably because I've got so much other stuff going on, or maybe my age, or maybe I'm just not adept at dealing with multi-tasking like I used to be? "Multi-tasking" - there's another new, silly word that my mum would have a better description for. She'd probably call it "life".


Expatmum said…
Hi there - funny post. I always compound this stress by worrying about how knackered I am going to be the next day too!
Swearing Mother said…
Oh Pam, everything you said I can totally identify with. Stress seems to make all the senses razor sharp. I can't even bear the sound of someone eating crisps when I am stressed out and trying to concentrate, I would probably have drop kicked the pets over the garden fence by now.

Tolerant, I am not. You are doing so well.
Pam said…
Expatmum: Isn't it funny that no matter how knackered you are you can't go back to sleep until 5 minutes before your alarm goes off?

SW: You made me laugh as usual - I even had a "crisps" moment today! I accidentally got revenge on my cat by locking him in a room all day :-)

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