It was a Grand Weekend

As we say in Lancashire, it was a "grand weekend". Today the weather was picture perfect - blue skies and around 65-70 degrees. We had a mish-mash weekend of boxing (De La Hoya won), great telly (The Tudors, which I just got in to and I love. I thought Henry VIII was a big fat pig? Not in this mini series!), gardening, grilling (Yea, Craig fixed the old grill), football - Everton lost (bummer) Man U won (woo hoo), and fun times with Jack as always.

We have entered into a new era with Jack - the NO SHOPPING era. No longer does he sit contentedly in the shopping cart, saying "Hi" to everyone. Now he screams bloody murder and wants to walk, grab stuff and scream until we leave the shop. He's a nightmare, but then who can blame him? I wouldn't want to sit in a wirey metal seat for an hour either. Yesterday in Target he was howling and a young couple (about 23) came around the corner and she looked at me in disgust, as if to say "take that obnoxious child out of this shop you terrible mother!" It really bothered me and I spent a good chunk of the afternoon coming up with biting and feverishly funny put-downs I wish I'd said.
The conclusion is that we'll probably take it in turns now running out to get stuff, as it's far too stressful to take him along.

Jack's feet today. Covered in purple paint, glittery nailpolish and mud.

Our favourite tree, a Twisted Lavender - Cercis canadensis "Covey". Isn't it lovely.

Lastly, please picture this - yesterday I was in my kitchen with Jack, dancing and singing as loud as my lungs would let me to "Hey Louise" by Neil Diamond. Know why??? Because we're going to see him!!! Craig got us tickets and I'm excited as one can possibly be. Neil Diamond!


Emily said…
Ugh - I had glares from someone at a restaurant the other day while Katy was doing her stranger anxioety freak out. It wasn't even a nice place or anything, and I wanted to say, "have you ever had a toddler? I'd like to see you try!" come on, people!
Jen said…
I used to be one of those that would glare at parents with "out-of-control" kids. Then, I had a baby, and then another, and then another. Now when I see a kid throwing a fit at a store, I just smile, as if to say, "I've been there and I hope your day gets better." No more judging from me!
Emily said…
Pam, don't worry about the sickness thing... if you did give it to him then it means it's not the scary RSV that would be a good thing. No worries - if we never hung out when there were any chance of germ sharing then we'd never see each other!

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