Race for the Cure

Gina and I did "Race for the Cure" this morning. It's a 5K run in aid of breast cancer research and I think there were about 40,000 participants this year. I say "Race" in the loosest of terms, since Gina ran but I walked. Well, speed walked actually once I could get passed all the annoying people in my way. Isn't that awful? I do something for charity and there's all these kind people doing the same and I'm thinking, "do you really have to take up the whole sidewalk you selfish git" I'm going to hell aren't I.

Gina made good time, bless her. It took me an hour to walk the 5k - about 3.1 miles. I haven't walked 3.1 miles in a couple of years so I'll be stiff tomorrow and probably have bowed legs that couldn't stop a pig in a ginnel. It was so nice to get to the finish line and see Craig and Jack there, and Jack's little face lit up when he saw me. Next year we're going to do it as a family.

As I was walking with all these people you can read message cards they have stuck on their backs. Sometimes it's a celebration card, announcing that a loved one has survived breast cancer. Many times it's a memorial card, announcing the death of a loved one. I teared-up quite a few times, particularly when you see young kids with cards on their back that say "For My Mom". I promised myself at least 50 times during the race that I'd check myself every month and I will. Craig said he'd help too, he's so thoughtful!

After the race we had two birthday parties today - Jack's friend Katy (above) turned two and Grace turned four. So we had lots of fun at an outdoor park and then a swimming pool. For the first time since I joined Weight Watchers I saw myself in a mirror in my swimming stuff and didn't feel like tying lead weights to my legs and jumping in the deep end. Still a way to go but it's getting better.

So that's it. A busy Saturday. I'm hoping it's dry tomorrow so I can plant my veggie garden. My onions are currently sat on the kitchen table, sprouting already. I put them there to egg me on and get me motivated. They've been there since March and getting a bit smelly .....


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