Limerick of the day

In the essence of "Limerick of a Lifetime" on Swearing Mothers blog a few weeks ago, I have a little ditty from today:

It started with stress in the bedroom*
and continued with Jack being anci**
At work Craig was tested***
But my weight was bested****
So now I'm sat drinking Chianti!

*See yesterdays post
**I'm ironing my pants, he's pouring dogfood into the cat litter
***Want to rant, can't (Grrrr)
****33 pounds today!

I think 4 footnotes might be a record.


Expatmum said…
Hmmm. I was reading on the Telegraph online ( that married people without kids are happiest, and that happiness level for those of us with kids, doesn't come back till they have flown the nest. I have reason to believe however, that even when they aren't living here, they will be with us in spirit if you get my drift! (Mine's a Pinot Grigio.)
mountainear said…
Well, mostly I want to say I'm green with envy about your tickets to see Neil Diamond...

...but will add congratulations on your 33lbs and ...

...boys! They come good in the end. Honest.
Pam said…
Expat mum: Saner probably but happier no - what makes you happier more than a bear hug from a toddler? Good wine choice!

Mountainear: Oh, I'm so excited about Neil Diamond. My husband keeps doing the Jazz Singer pose.

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