Mothers Day Wishes

It's Mothers Day tomorrow. Last year I took a day off work, but then I also did on my birthday and Jack's. In fact I milked "motherhood" for all it was worth last year!

I love being a mum, which is surprising because I (we) really didn't want children and we were married for 10 years before Jack came along. But anyway, tomorrow is my big day so I'm going to reflect on what I hope for Jack right now:

1. That he's polite and humble and nice. It would be so easy for him to be rude and spoiled and ungrateful because he's living the dream right now. The grounding for Jack is that me and his dad are northern working class people that grew up in hand-me-downs, maybe 1 great toy for Christmas (not 50 like today!), and being told "children are seen and not heard". I'm not 100 % on that "not heard" thing but I think it's obnoxious when kids interupt adults and don't get pulled up for it.

2. That he progresses okay. I worry far too much that he doesn't know many colours or numbers yet. Yes, I know boys progress differently and each child is different. I'm still on 24hr watch for every imaginable problem though - it's a mothers perogative.

3. That he laughs often in life. He has had a fabulous laugh ever since he was a baby.

4. That he doesn't pick up my swear words. I swear very frequently, especially in the morning when I'm late for work, the cats pestering, Cody's getting under my feet and Jack won't get dressed. Ozzy's kids turned out okay in the end, didn't they?

5. That he gets a sibling


Emily said…
Jack is truly marvelous, and he has incredibly parents. And so will that sibling when he/she comes along. :) :) :)
Pam said…
Thank you Emily. The sibling thing may take a while - I'm watching to see how you cope first!

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