Friday, May 02, 2008

News from old Blighty

I'm going through a homesick phase again - silly really, seeing that "home" is in Ohio. So anyway, I found a group of local Brits today that meet frequently in town. The next meeting is coming up in a couple of weeks - a picnic I believe. More on that after the picnic I guess.

Big shocker in English politics tonight - the Tories are winning! Even trusty London Labour Mayor Ken Livingstone got out-voted by Boris Johnson (below). A Tory Mayor in London! It must be really bad in England for people to vote for the Tories again folks.

Is Boris okay? My only thoughts of him are of anger after his dumb comments about Liverpool years ago. Seems like he says a lot of dumb stuff. Is he really dumb or just crafty? Mmmm, the verdict's still out for me.

Tomorrow marks the 1 year anniversary that Madeleine went missing. I think about her a lot and hope they find her. If I had 3 genie wishes, finding her would be one of them

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