Jack's 3rd Birthday Party

Jack's 3rd birthday weekend started with a party tonight. I was supposed to finish early at work but got held up, then I had told everyone to bring swimmy stuff but it was only 70 degrees & cloudy so I was worried it was going to be horribly boring and a total wash-out. Turns out it was fab! We had just a handful of his best friends and we all sat out in my garden and watched the kids play.

Deciding where to seat his friends

The first guest and his best friend, Katy. Don't they just look like 100% trouble?

Batman, Captain Hook & Spiderwoman

Wonderful friends

Our English garden party, complete with triangular egg & cress sandwiches (success!), sausage rolls, cheese & pineapple sticks, and cakes 

My lad Jack had so much fun. When one of his friends was leaving he said to his dad "this was the best party ever" and he shouted from his car "Jack Rocks!" Ohhhh, that makes me feel good. Next up, a weekend full of fireworks and parades. What a fantastic time of year for a birthday. My poor Danny won't have half as much fun.


Happy Birthday to Jack - 3 - a lovely age! I love the photo of Batman, Captain Hook and Spider Woman - fantastic. Hope you all had a lovely time and I expect Danny enjoyed all the fun too. Glad you had success with the egg and cress Pam. A x
mountainear said…
Happy Birthday Jack! Age 3 and excitement - what a combination.

Saw Cress seeds today and wondered if they would get through customs if I posted them...just ask.
Mommy Daisy said…
Happy Birthday Jack! (And good luck, Pam, 3's a doozy!) It looks like he had a fantastic party. Fun!
Clippy Mat said…
Happy Birthday (belated) Jack! :-) Looks like it was a great party.

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