CraigsList Morons

I posted a queen bed & mattress for $30. Both in good/great shape and selling only as a set.

It's a bargain beyond unimaginable bargains. Ridiculously stupidly cheap but I need the space in my house. I knew I'd get tons of e-mails so I sat back and braced for the onslaught of requests to come & get them.

Email 1: Can I get it Thursday?
Email 2: Just got custody of my daughter and need a bed - can I get it tomorrow?
Email 3: Does it have a pillow-top and a box spring?
Email 4: How old? Make?
Email 5: My wife wants to know what you originally paid for it and what make it is
Email 6: I just want the bed, not the mattress
Email 7: I just want the mattress, not the bed
Email 8: Can you take more pictures and email them to me?

Reply: Okay folks, It's a queen bed and mattress FOR THIRTY DOLLARS. I would rather drag it out into my yard and set fire to the bloody thing than deal with you. And tell your wife to pistol-whip someone else.

Thank you.


Clippy Mat said…
i wrote this comment already but the internet stole it and erased it or something. anyway, i was just saying that it's murphy's law. you way underpriced it so people think they are doing YOU a favour by taking it off your hands.
maybe if you donated it to a charity they might come and pick it up for free.
Fredsueand me said…
nightmare, i would not want to deal with the idiots either do you do bonfire night over there?
i tried to give a teak dining table to 4 different charities and they didnt want it. the first one took four weeks to come and look at it - and wouldnt take it because there was a small scratch on it. the other three didnt want it because i wasnt generous enough to give them 4 matching chairs in mint condition with it. iam saving it for bonfire night instead now.
Pam said…
Hi Clippy & Lee,
Finally got it sold - yea! To a very nice couple who gave me the money and didn't expect me to haul it for them, throw in the bedding, and give them a matching lamp :-)

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