Woooooo it's Halloween Week

I wish I'd thought of this I really do. Maybe next year I'll copy it.

I'm excited. My house is decorated, complete with a big hairy spider attacking any visitor that comes to the front door.

Danny is going to be Tigger, Jack hasn't quite made up his mind but at the last check wanted to be Spiderman. It's officially "trick or treat" night on Friday* so I better get his costume ready.

The older I get the more I like this kind of stuff.

Am I turning into a mad old cat lady? Will I start wearing Christmas jumpers that light up and adorning seasonal earrings? Hopefully not. Anyway, Craig would bonk me on the head with a large pumpkin if I did.

* Should be Saturday 31st obviously but I knew our district did it earlier and I thought it was Friday. No. It's Thursday. Kids aren't allowed on the streets on weekends apparently. What a load of tosh.


Clippy Mat said…
isn't it Saturday?
or are you changing the date LOL
have fun anyway. :-)
Pam said…
Hiya Clippy!
I actually got it wrong! It's Thursday. Columbus doesn't allow kids to go out on weekend for some bizarre reason.
Clippy Mat said…
this is the 2nd blog i read this on and it wasn't in ohio.
daft or what?

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