Do Re Me When I Need It

About 3 months ago I bought "The Sound of Music Original Cast" cd from a yard sale for me to play in the car each morning on the way to child care. I have a great selection of nursery rhyme and musical CDS for me & the boys to sing along to and I love it - it's a time to sing our lungs out and be silly.

Me & Craig are having to work something out for the boys right now that's bothering us and tonight when he went to bed I sat like a wet lettuce and thought - "I'll bring up You tube and see what comedy is new"


So I typed in "Do re mi" because it's my favourite song from the Sound of Music, and up popped a corking video!

This cheered me up no end ...


Jen said…
One of my friends on facebook posted this same video last month. It was pretty neat to watch. Thanks for sharing!
Kelsey said…
I love that video! I recorded the Sound of Music on the DVR a few weeks ago and let Harper and watch it in bits and pieces. She was in LOVE and it cracks me up because she calls it "That Singing Mountain Lady Movie" :-)

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