A Soppy Moment

At 6.45am this morning, as Craig was leaving the bathroom after a shower, Jack jumped out of his bedroom, clad in his pyjamas, clutching his Halloween candy bucket and yelled "trick or treat!", which could have put my poor husband in the hospital but thankfully just made him laugh.
Next up, Craig came into Danny's room to say goodbye as I was feeding him. Danny reached up his hand to try and touch his dad's face and gazed lovingly at him. It warmed my cockles.

These two boys of ours are the best thing on the planet. Anyone reading this and wondering whether to have kids - have them. For every time they make you feel like running away to a desert Island, there are 400 more that make you burst with love & happiness.

Blimey, aren't I being soppy today.


Emily said…
Have fun trick or treating tonight! Ours is Saturday and I'm hoping we have as nice weather as you guys are going to have. This is one of my favorite times of year for the kids, they are so excited...
Pam said…
I can't wait to see their costumes! Glad you are all feeling better.
Clippy Mat said…
love those soppy moments. cherish them.

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