Pumpkins & Camels

We went to Circleville Pumpkin Festival yesterday, which was great. It's a huge event with all kinds of pumpkin fare - pumpkin chili, pumpkin fudge, jelly, hot sauce, burgers, cake, donuts and even pizza. Not sure I could eat pumpkin pizza without barfing.

Here's our Jack with the humongous pumpkins. I just realized all my pictures are of Jack but Danny spent all day wrapped up in a cocoon in fleeces and blankets, with just his head popping out like a glow worm. It was cold.

One of the highlights of the day was the camel ride! Who'd have thought you could ride a camel in central Ohio in October. He was very sweet and Craig spent some time cuddling up with him. Now he's told me he wants a pet camel for his 40th birthday.  

Also this weekend I took Jack roller skating for the first time. It was 80's night so he got to skate and I got to reminisce about hideous clothes, even more hideous hairstyles but really funky music. We both had a great time. This short (22 sec) video is hilarious. If the object of the exercise is to roller skate without actually moving then our Jack's a pro.


Clippy Mat said…
hey, he remained upright. he's a pro in my book. :-)
Kelsey said…
That video is hilarious! Harper's school has "skating parties" once a month. We've never gone, but that video is making me want to rethink...

Also, holy smoke those are huge pumpkins!
Pam said…
Clippy: You're right. I didn't get my clumsy self in a pair of skates YET!
Hi Kelsey, It's funny to watch but hard not to hover!

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