Friday, October 02, 2009


At a car dealership in Columbus this month you get a free gun when you buy a truck. I'm serious. Seeing as hunting season has just started and the boys in Ohio love their guns, that is some smart marketing right there. I wish we had similar incentives for women - "Buy a Toyota, get a tummy-tuck!" Not likely though is it.

So Craig's going hunting tomorrow. Spending his day sat up a tree with a big bow. Going to try and shoot a deer I think, though I forgot to ask what the object of his desire was. It seems a bit of a waste of a Saturday sitting up a tree all day for a turkey so it must be a deer. I hope for him that he gets one (sorry PETA and my friend Sue) but if he does I hope he takes it straight to a butcher as I only want to see it when it looks like steak, all wrapped up nice like I buy at Krogers. I don't want to see big sad brown eyes and a fluffy white tail or I'll be in bits.

After that, our other plans for the weekend include dressing up the house for Halloween, which must include a witch. Jack has been relentlessly asking for "a witch and you press a button and its spooky" because our local supermarket has a big scary witch that talks to you when you go near her and she scares the crap out of him but he keeps going back to look at her.

AND Jack starts football (soccer) on Sunday! I'm definitely more excited than him and already have his long white socks ready and my camera charged. I have to keep telling myself - DO NOT be one of those horrendous mothers that hovers over her child with camera, barging everyone out the way and shouting "that's my boy!" whenever he does anything remotely interesting. Mantra: I.Will.Not.Be.Hovering.Mother

Other weekend festivities? Well, ringing all family that I haven't spoke to for ages (yea!) and housework (booo) and wine (yea!)


Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Funny isn't it how car adverts are aimed at men!

You're starting to dress your house for Halloween already! I know it's a big thing over there and getting to be so in UK also. I shall be taking our Halloween things to my daughter for her and my grand-daughter to use this year.

Have a great weekend and I hope Jack's football goes well. A x

Expat mum said...

Ooh you're a bit keen aren't you? My neighbour has one of those life size witches and it's right as you go in the door. She neglected to tell me about the motion sensor so when the bitch, I mean witch, started cackling I seriously nearly had a heart attack!

Pam said...

Hi Anne: I'm the only house on our street dressed up so feel a bit silly but I use the kids as my excuse!
Hey Expat: Yes some of those things are scary - especially those haunted houses you can go to. Got chased once by lunatic with chainsaw and I nearly wet myself!!

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