Life with the Dustbin Lids

I recently discovered that Danny isn't allergic to peanuts when I found him chewing on the dog's toy kong that's packed full of peanut butter, cat hair and dog spit.

One of the things I ask myself daily - why do they say not to give a baby water when you make their formula with water?

Jack is having MAJOR tantrums. So spectacular I can only stand back in awe, with my mouth open and a look of shock on my face. Who is this monster that's demanding Spongebob Squarepants?

Danny clapped! and crawled! and laughed! and said "dada!" Everything he does amazes me. Having a baby in the house is just ace.

I could watch Jack dance all day, I really could.


Clippy Mat said…
LOL the dustbin lids.
they remind me so much of my grandkids, similar in ages and stages. lovely post. jack's a great dancer too :-)
Oh lovely. Babies in the house are just so ace, as you say...I miss mine not being little. But I dont miss the early mornings...! Jack is some dancer... love it. WISH I had videos of mine doing this type of move!x
mountainear said…
Love Jack's energy - wish I had his joi de vivre.

Lovely to hear the phrase 'dustbin lids' too - don't hear it much round where I live.
Kelsey said…
Oh the tantrums - Harper still throws a magnificent fit on occasion. But I think the dancing makes up for it!

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