Baby Steps to a PhD

I have been trying to start a PhD project now for six years. During that time I've had students pass me by. Young bright things that I've helped along and took classes with and felt, though not exactly more intelligent than them, certainly older than them. These young people have overtaken me, gone on to achieve their doctorate and moved away to greater things. Sometimes I've been happy for them, sometimes a bit jealous. I've had to keep reminding myself of one of the rules of life "don't worry about what they're doing, worry about what you're doing". 

In my defense, the last six years haven't exactly been mundane. I've got a full-time job, I serve on a national association board and I have had two kids. I also have a life.  Another reason I haven't started a project is that I couldn't find one that was worthy. I mean, a PhD takes over your life, becomes your focus, your everything. If I'm going to spend time away from my family and slogging away in a lab for hours it better be interesting and at least useful to someone at the end.  

Anyway, I found one! A project I mean. Something that's interesting, useful and gets me going. I took my first few baby steps today. Just teeny steps but it's a start, right?

If I think about it too much my head might implode, but I can take a few steps a day I reckon. 


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