Mothers Day Confusion

Mothers Day in England is this Sunday, March 14th. Mothers Day in America is May 9th. 

This causes much confusion for me every year. It means I have to be organized enough in May to buy Mothers Day & Nana cards for the following March. I actually remembered one year and felt so proud of myself that I stored them in a really safe place and I haven't seen them since. 

One year I had the bright idea to ignore the English one and send something in May. Ha! That went down like a lead balloon as you can imagine.

My next option is to buy blank cards and try and make them look like authentic Mothers Day cards, but my craft skills with greeting cards is not good and they invariably look stupid. As a final option I could just send a nice blank card but that would have no verse that means something and so the thought doesn't count - right?

I was complaining about all this to my local Hallmark woman and she picked up the phone and called the local shop that stores all the excess cards and had them get a box out for me. Marvelous I thought! I went over and picked them out and felt all giddy about my genius shopping experience. For once I am organized - yea!

Until I Googled "Mothers Day UK" today and it said March 14th. What? But that's this Sunday! Eeeek!  And so lunchtime today was spent legging it to the post office and hoping they get there in 5-days. 

Writing this blog post might earn me a bit of sympathy don't you think?  Or more likely "forewarned is forearmed" and I'll get a good ear-chewing on Sunday.  Sorry mum :-)


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