Tackling the Bathroom

Today we started the bathroom project, which is the last room in the house to renovate. The decor is so fantastically bad that it is worth a mention: blue tile floor, pink & black tile, green fern wallpaper and lavender painted walls. The vanity is cream splashed with gold, like someone vomited on it after eating mustard. To add to the ambiance of the room, it is stained with nicotine in every nook & cranny and no matter how much I clean it, it comes back. Here's the offending room after we started today ...

Like all good procrastinators, we started the project by going shopping at Ikea. We bought two shelves for the bathroom and lots more stuff we didn't need, like a new play tent for the boys. They have started to play together now - making each other laugh as they bang on tables and splash mummy and daddy. They are two boys ganging up on their parents and being mischievous. I love it. 


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