Thursday, March 25, 2010

Health Care - My 2 Cents

I do not profess to know the inner working of politics in the USA but the health care reform got finally passed today and I am happy because:

1.  32 million Americans that formally had no health care insurance, now do

2. If Jack or Danny had a pre-condition (like cancer) and I tried to get health insurance from a new company because I lost my job/insurance with the old company, the health insurance company could previously turn me away - but now they cannot 

3. If the money you owe an insurance company  gets excessive (your child has cancer), the health care company could drop you - and now they cannot

4. After 2014 you, as a working  person or family, will be expected to get health insurance or you will be fined. I have NO problem with this. Americans who are against this say that their "freedoms" are being taken away and that the English national health service is FREE - no it bloody isn't! People who work in England pay national health insurance tax. Nothing is free. Pay for your health care people. 

5. It will NOT affect us financially. Personal taxes to pay for this will only go up if you earn more than 250K per person (that's 500k per household).

So that's my take on the whole thing. I welcome comments from anti-health reformers out there. 

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