My Birthday Weekend

My birthday isn't officially until tomorrow but I've had a lovely weekend celebrating it with Craig and the kids and friends. Craig bought me two great pictures too ... 

The first is from the "Game of the Century" between Ohio State and Michigan in 2006. OSU was ranked number one in the nation, with Michigan ranked number two and both were vying for the national championship game. This picture is personal to me in many ways, other than the fact that I love the Buckeyes. Firstly, I am actually in the picture! If you look really hard you can see me (well obviously you can't, but I can), and it was also the last game played on natural grass so has fond memories for me. 

The second picture he bought for me we got at the Titanic Artifacts Exhibition on Saturday. It's a photograph taken of her while she was still on the docks in Belfast. I find the whole story both fascinating and heartbreaking so really enjoyed Saturday. One little funny story though - as we were meandering through and stopping to look at things or read the stories, we both heard a young male voice say in exaggerated despair "this exhibition is reallllly looongg".  Teenagers are so dumb sometimes aren't they. 

On Saturday night Gina and Matt and Eric came over so we sat outside &  lit a fire and had a laugh. It was one of those times were you tell funny stories and laugh really hard till you are crying - it was very therapeutic.  I won't say how bad I felt on Sunday but needless to say I was in bed by 9 pm.

My boys bought me Clinique Happy perfume and got me a lovely card (thank you Craig!). Jack was so excited to give it to me when I got home that he could hardly contain himself. We all went out for wings at BW3's and now I'm sat like an old granny in my dressing gown having to watch Spongebob Squarepants for the 20th time this week. Thank goodness I have adult nights like last Saturday to keep me sane.

And so I am 41 and it feels good. I love my life and all my loved ones are healthy and happy. Skint maybe, but healthy and happy! Here's hoping this next 12 months are as fabulous as the last.


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