Giving Alan Titchmarsh a Run for his Money

Well as Wallace would say I'm Cream Crackered.  Ahem, I just realized that's probably nonsense to a lot of people, sorry. To explain, Wallace as in Wallace & Gromit, Cream Crackered as in Knackered (tired).  God, it's no wonder we can't understand cockneys is it. Anyway, I worked like a demon in the garden today today. I'm aching and sun burnt to hell and got dirt-ingrained hands. I even bought spanky-new and trendy gardening gloves but still lapsed into my usual role of getting as mucky as possible while gardening so didn't wear them too much. 

The boys were outside nearly all day and loved it. Jack was a pirate and a puppy dog and a painter. Danny was a golfer and a ball-thrower extraordinaire. Then when Craig hosed off the patio both boys got WET. We couldn't stop them. Craig by the way took care of the lads for a large portion of the day and had fun. He's definitely the fun parent. I'm like every other mum on the planet - disciplinarian, carer, major hugger, cleaner, story teller, nurse etc. etc. etc. But I wish I could stop and smell the roses a bit more like Craig does. 

So now I'm having a big glass of red, nursing my poor hands and looking forward to the 2nd season of Nurse Jackie. And as an added bonus the Buckeyes won today which, even though I have no desire to watch basketball, is wonderful because they are through to the sweet 16. 

I've started a new book too - "Blood in the Sea" by Stuart Gill. It' the true story of HMS Dunedin and her crew during WW2 and I'm loving it because it's very personable and not too much technical stuff that sometimes ruins these kinds of books for me.  I'm learning a lot too. I had no idea what "scuttling" was, but I do now - do you?


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