Old Gimmers in Cars

On my way home from work today, on a side road near my house, a car reversed quickly out of a driveway causing me to slam-on and I had to get on the horn to make them stop of they'd have ploughed right into me. As I slowly cruised by the perpetrator fully expecting to exchange fingers, I saw that it was a old lady, probably in her 90's and so small she was just about peeking over the steering wheel. Needless to say, we did no exchanging of digits.

This is what I get for living in a 1960's neighbourhood that consists mainly of large ranch (bungalow) houses. One of my direct neighbours got told last year by his doctor to stop driving but he still does. He does the kamikaze reverse thing too. I won't say anything to him because he's a nice man and he served in WW2. He was stationed at RAF Burtonwood in England when he was just 19. I just make sure we bring the kids inside the house when he's on his way out and hope he doesn't reverse into my living room anytime soon.

You know, I even have an old chap that drives past in his big Buick town-car and he waves and gives me a big neighbourly smile as he drives over my lawn. I have to admit though, that's kind of funny.

There's obviously some kind of ridiculous loop-hole in America that makes it okay for people to keep driving when they shouldn't be, or maybe they are driving illegally? What's the worst that can happen if you get caught? You probably get your license taken away and told to stop driving again. By the way, I'm really not being disrespectful about these people, honestly. I'm probably going to be a law-breaking old gimmer as well because I'll not be told what to do either.


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