Friday, April 02, 2010

Spring Sunshine

I took a half-day vacation today and went to the optometrist to get my check up then home early. At the Optometrists they put drops in my eyes that made my pupils dilate & me look like I did crack and I couldn't be in sunlight for 4 hours. In hindsight I should have had that done on a day where it wasn't gloriously sunny and I craved to be outdoors. I had to go though. My contacts ran out months ago and I've been wearing old ones that have been lost twice. Once one was stuck to the toilet for 24 hours but we won't go there.

When I could finally venture out without feeling like my eyeballs were on fire, I took Jack to the library then mowed my grass for the first time and we played in the garden ...

Frank sitting on a big patch of catnip. This was the first year he hasn't eaten a daffodil and then thrown up violently. Maybe after 9 years he's learnt his lesson.

My Darling Jack. Fixing and mending is the latest thing. His new curse word is "barnacles!"courtesy of Spongebob Squarepants.

Danny-Boy. Jack wore these clothes last summer when he was 2.5. Danny is 1. He is laughing up a storm now and interacting with us a lot. He knows the words ball, car,  banana, mama, dada, Nina (Linda), Frank, Jack, and GO BUCKS! (I'm not kidding). I love this boy with all my heart.

Last but not least, Strawberry Jam Anne gave me a blog award!. I'm over the moon and, as protocol dictates, will pass it along to people whose blog have made me smile and brought some sunshine into my life. The list of blogs I'd like to pass this along to is ...

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