Happy Mothers Day!

Happy (USA) Mother's Day! My little monkeys surprised me with a lovely gift of waking up at 6 am this morning and refusing to go back to sleep. They did however, get me a lovely necklace and made me some awesome paper flowers made from prints of their hands, so they are forgiven.

The best quote of the day goes to Jack, said while we were out in the garden this afternoon - "Mummy, will you play raspberry with me?" He meant Frisbee.

The funniest moment of the weekend? Out for dinner last night with friends. One of them ordered chocolate cake for desert and when she wasn't looking, Danny leaned over and stuck his finger right in, sucked it clean and said "ahhh!"

These boys of mine are the light of my life.
Oh, the car trailer in the picture was GIVEN to us this weekend by someone who no longer uses it. Craig and Jack went out for a spin this morning. We have some marvelous friends!


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