Summer's Here! (now we're jinxed)

Today's weather was GLORIOUS! While Craig installed tile floor in the bathroom, me and the boys had fun. We went to the local park where they dug in sand (well Danny ate sand) and we had a picnic. I made Jack a clover flower necklace and he exclaimed "it's my favourite necklace in the whole world!" Which isn't quite as grand as it sounds since it's his first necklace ever. I finally finally calmed down and just enjoyed the moment and realised, like a bonk on the head, that the reason Jack shadows me from dawn to dusk and demands things from me all the time is that he just wants my full attention and wants to play with me. Now that I write it down it sounds obvious but you know how it is when you are in the situation and you don't see it clearly. It's a wake up call for me. Gardening and cleaning and house projects come second. The boys come first.

My Boy

What a little trooper this lad is. Best hugger I have ever encountered.

Pre-splash! It was nearly 80 today and both boys loved the pool.

I have 2 peach trees and we have peaches!! If I can grow my own peaches I will be in gardening heaven. I'm also fairly chuffed that I haven't had to buy tomato plants this year, since several rogues from last year have come up. My rhubarb is going nuts. The cilantro in thriving (going to make my own pico de gallo). We have no other veggies at this point and that's fine with me because I can't keep up with it all. I would like to keep hens but it isn't allowed in city limits. Tonight, listed on Craigslist, Craig showed me a posting by college students trying to sell a sheep they've kept as a pet for a couple of years. I'm sure that isn't allowed in city limits but good on them for doing the college thing that makes for good stories in 20 years!


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