Movie Stinkers

We have watched (or not) a few movie stinkers lately:

1. Good Evening Mr. Wallenberg. It's about a Swedish man who saves Jewish people during WW2 - a bit like Schindler's List. When I got it, I saw it had Swedish subtitles and I immediately put it back in the envelope and popped it back into the mail box to go back to Netflix. I wasn't even going to have that conversation with Craig ... " It's Friday night and you want me to watch a Swedish depressing drama with subtitles?...."

2. An Education. Yes I know it got nominated for an Oscar but I thought it was really boring and predictable and I didn't like any of the characters except Emma Thompson.

3. Where the Wild Things Are: DREADFUL. If you don't believe me, read all the reviews online - they concur.

4. Sherlock Holmes: Oh so disappointing as I love Sherlock. Just awful - disjointed and unbelievable and not true to form. Craig fell asleep with 10 minutes to go. The next day I said - "want to watch the last 10 mins before I send it back?" - he said "Na, it was crap." I agree.

One DVD we both absolutely loved was Ricky Gervais's stand-up video "Out of England" - it was bloody marvelous and we belly laughed a lot! I would 100% recommend it for a good laugh. At the end he had a repertoire on animals and I liked this one about elephants ...


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