Saturday, May 08, 2010

We're Ready to Put it all Back!

Do you like our lovely bathroom? The bath is still in operation but it's acting as tool storage. The loo is sat out in the back garden.

We had intended to keep the blue tile floor but when Craig took the loo out he noticed a tile that was sunk, so lifted it up to have a look-see at the floor and, well, the next thing you know you're chucking all the floor away. Poor Craig. I heard him tell our neighbour "I only went in there to change a light bulb".

Today he's priming the walls for the paint and then - exciting - we can start to put it all back together! We just went out and bought gorgeous travertine tile for the floor.

I can't wait to start using it again. Having to carry Jack to the basement at 1 am for a wee has not been very convenient.

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