Shandy Drinking Time Wasters

Isn't shandy marvelous! I haven't had one in years but got a craving on my way home from work at 8pm tonight so I just marched into the kitchen, kissing Craig "tootle pip" on the way, as he went off in search of bathroom vanities. I patted Jack on the head hello, and got myself a pint glass out of the cupboard. Half a lite beer, half lemonade and big thirsty gulps of joy! It's 85 degrees outside and humid, which adds to my shandy craving. And the fact that I just put in another 12 hour day.

I wonder why I haven't had one, literally in years? They don't sell cans of shandy here but there's nothing stopping me making my own. And you don't even have to use proper, clear fizzy lemonade. I know this because I just used bright yellow Big K diet Citrus from Krogers. I am definitely putting Shandy back on my summer drink list.

Talking of bathroom vanities, our time got completely wasted by a woman selling one on Craigslist. She had it listed as "like new" so we drove all the way across town, nearly making me late for work, only to find it scratched and chipped and banged up. I felt like saying to her "like new my arse young lady!", which of course I didn't. But what a waste of time. Like seeing a garage sale sign and it takes you 5 minutes to find the house and then you have to park up and drag the kids & stroller out and and find your handbag and huff and puff up to the house only to find a couple of rusty tools, some Christmas decorations covered in cat hair and odd bits of faded Tupperware. I always want to say "I'll give you 5 dollars to take all your crap, put it in the trash can where it belongs and don't ever have a garage sale again. Ever." Time wasters the lot of them.

Hopefully Craig will find something, seeing as his mum and dad get here VERY soon and I really don't want to have to tell them they have to wee in the back garden. Only Cody does that, and sometimes Jack when he gets the urge to go on my Hostas.


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