Saturday, May 01, 2010

Stuff they Say

While I was doing a spot of gardening tonight Jack offered a passing lady a worm from the palm of his hand and it made me laugh. I've had a few stories told to me this week of funny things kids say.

On Facebook, a woman I know told the tale of getting home from work to find the house inspectors and prospective buyers still at her house and they left the house by the back door to go and take a look at the garage. Her 3 year old son opened the door after them and exclaimed "watch out back there - there's poop!"

Then a colleague at work who has a farm told me of a visitor asking if they breed their thoroughbred male hog and her 9 year old son said "no, he won't get his carrot out".

I can't wait to see what my boys come out with over the next few years.

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