Last night was just great. It was warm so we sat out in the garden and lit a fire while we lounged in the chairs and stargazed. We saw the International Space Station for the first time, about 10pm! I thought it was a helicopter at first it was so low and so bright but then it had the telltale movement of a satellite as it arced over us. We were all so excited that Jack proclaimed he was going to be an astronaut one day. Then it was just amazing - we saw satellite after satellite and then a shooting star! It all sounds too good to be true, like a cheesy movie but it was amazing.

So today I've had the kids a lot. The bathroom is completely gutted, even the floor's gone. Craig's currently out with Danny looking at tile. I just gave Jack a tangerine but he spat it out and said it had coconuts in it. I think he means pips.

I'll post bathroom pictures soon, when I've stopped choking on the drywall dust.


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