Monday, August 23, 2010

Cruise the Ville Weekend

On Saturday Craig pootled off to Perry County forest to pick his tree out and hang up his tree stand in prime position to get bambi next month. I took the lads to Cruise the Ville so we could ooooh and ahhhh over the old muscle cars and spend some quality time together...

Eric & Dave took 2 cars to show. Me & the boys had a hotdog lunch with them and all went well until Danny had the screaming ab-dabs and they made a quick escape. Wise men. Very wise.

Don't get used to that position Jack my lad. I have bigger aspirations for you in life.

What a good laugh it would be to do a road trip in this!

In a few years, when I can get rid of the minivan, I'm getting myself a Thunderbird. Oh yes.

Our friends Mark & Gary also took 2 cars. They have a cherry-red 1968 Mustang and it's gorgeous.

Makes me want to start singing "I got chills, they're multiplyin'....."

Some Danny news! He's now sitting at the table and using a spoon.
Goodbye & good riddance plastic, clunky, smelly old high chair.

Look what happens when you ask your 4-year old to water the new seedlings in your lawn. I just missed the hose down the pants shot, darn it.

Last night we took the boys to Sharon Woods Metro Park for a big walk. Jack insists on walking Cody now and they do make a sight for sore eyes when you see them together.
Unfortunately, while the boys played on the swings I got inundated by a gang of young girls trying pet Cody and saying things like "Can I tip his water bowl out?" and "Can I poke him with a stick?" and "Can I walk him?" as they tried to prise my fingers off the lead. All the while I'm trying to be polite but thinking any minute that I might have to deck one of them. And the parents were about 300 yards away, happily picnicking and pretending they were single again. Morons.

After our big walk we took the kids to Knights Ice Cream Parlor, which is my new number 1 ice cream place. Craig had black raspberry chip, Jack (& Cody) had strawberry, Danny (& Cody) had banana and I had tiramisu. Sunday is NO DIET day in our house.

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