Friday, August 20, 2010

My Bit of Morning Joy

Several years ago when Sirius Radio first came out Craig got it for me as a birthday present so that I could listen to BBC Radio 1 in the morning, but then my little plastic gadget stuck to the windscreen broke (I blame the gazillion degree heat in the the car during the summer) and because it was ONE WEEK past the warranty date Sirius wouldn't help me out. So I thought Pahh! Bollocks to you, Sirius non-helping fools, I'll just listen to my local radio station, CD 101.

But alas, my heart has yearned for BBC Radio 1 for the last six years (no offense CD 101).

This spring, when I bought my minivan it was "XM Radio -ready" and I was excited but also knew we didn't have extra cash to get the service so didn't say anything. But you know, we had to get the service to listen to all the World Cup games when we went on holiday to the Outer Banks in NC and Craig said "I know you love it so I'll keep paying for it, for you." Bless him, he knows. And now, if one of use loses our job, if things get tight, this is one of the last things to go for me. I'm homesick, okay. I need Chris Moyles & BBC Radio 1, I really do. I spend 20 minutes every single morning laughing my arse off & having a great time in my car. By the time I get to work I'm happy and ready to take on the world.

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