Saturday, August 28, 2010

Trampoline & Shameless

We just got back from a cook-out at Craig's boss's house. Both boys are conked out, sunburnt & snoring in their rooms. The number 1 hit with all kids tonight was the trampoline. Jack jumped on and off for 3 hours and Danny loved it too. Danny ran around like a lunatic and it took four adults (me, Craig and two helps) to keep the little terror from flying off and breaking his neck. He was laughing the whole time of course. This is my favourite picture of the night. Jack (in red) with his new friends on the trampoline. Later on, the boy in blue ran from the bonfire screaming & crying and we don't know if he got burnt or if he had got a telling off by his parents. All the way home and even when he was falling asleep and drowsy, my boy Jack was worried about him. Bless his heart.

Now, me & Craig are wine -in-hand watching Shameless. AHHHHH Relax. Adult time and a laugh with our favourite show. I think we are still behind England on episodes though (I think we are on Series 6). Tonight, Frank let rip and let them all know: drugs, extortion, infidelity, hit-men,and love. It was the episode where both Paddy and his missus paid for a hit on each other. It made us laugh anyway. Thank God for Shameless.

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