Indian Lake & Danny's 18M Visit

We had a brilliant weekend. A millisecond after finishing work on Friday we were OFF to Indian Lake to see our friends Char & Jan who were visiting from California. We stayed at their cabin from Friday PM until just a couple of hours ago and we are all sunburnt & exhausted but happy. Here's a few pictures (after the state fair posting when I also did a ton of pictures with captions you may think I'm being mentally challenged, but I'm thinking that friends & family in England want to see pictures of the lads & such):

Char & Jane's cabin on Indian Lake. We've been going there now about eight years and have many memories. Most are not for public knowledge and usually involved skinny dipping or falling over or both. We once walked across the ice to get to it, only to discover that we'd forgotten the door key. We are a scatty bunch at best.

Women of substance (and salad)

Cody had two hose-pipe showers because he kept rolling in raccoon poo. Today he refused to leave the cabin & we realized it was because the horse flies were bugging him. He's a good soul is our Cody. Smelly, but good.

You can't beat that smile can you. Not for all the tea in China.

He was tired and wet and cranky after swimming. Jan was looking for an excuse to hug a baby, so it all worked out just fine.

The American Bald Eagle was nesting at the back of their cabin last year but has moved. Still, we saw him a lot. As long as I live in America I'll always be fascinated by Amish people & bald eagles. It's an English thing.

Look at that catfish whopper! It was one of the most exciting moments of the weekend, watching Craig reel this thing in. Happy man. Happy.Happy.Happy.

Talking of happy, Jack fished with Craig all weekend. I didn't think he'd have the patience but he did, and all he caught was seaweed, bless.
Jack at sunset last night, getting ready to cast out for the last time. When the sky went black the most amazing stars came out, Thousands and thousands of them, and so once again my husband looked at me and said "I want to move out to the country". And I thought "Bugger that. I'm not moving somewhere I have to get a sewage tank cleaned out, my water comes from a well, and I can't nip to Target for some mummy-time".

Jan & Craig

Me and Danny boy.
It was his 18-month Docs appointment on Friday. He weighs 30 lbs (70th percentile) and is 35 inches tall (97th). He acted the same as Jack did at his 18-month appointment, and was a complete live-wire, so that's funny. But Danny weighs 5.5 lbs more and is 1.75 inches taller than Jack at that stage. I can live with two tall blond boys, I really can.

So anyway, we had a great weekend and when we said goodbye tonight we got a bit choked up. I know they have a new life now in California but I miss them terribly.


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