Sunday, August 01, 2010

Ohio State Fair Pictures

Today we did our annual trip to the Ohio State Fair.
A quick summary of the fair includes the following: Not much activity to report on the people-watching front, except a woman dressed as a 1900's hooker. The butter cow was joined by a couple of football legends and a giant football (all made of butter of course). The weather was 90s and sticky hot, made all the more miserable by walking on black-top for 7 hours. The food oddity this year was .... wait for it ..... chocolate covered bacon! I tried to make Craig eat it but he wouldn't.

Here's a few pictures:

Our lads on arrival at the fair, looking ready for some fun
Jack and Brutus Buckeye. I bet poor Brutus's underwear was a bit soggy when he got home. His costume certainly was. As he travelled through the crowd people were going nuts yelling at him (well we are buckeye nuts after all).

I loved sitting and watching these two fish together.

Me and the boys on the carousel

Our lads after seven hours, completely zonked-out asleep on our way to the car. Every time we tried to gently push Danny into a lying-down position, he woke up and got upset and sat back up, so we eventually just left him like this. We got so many comments about him though! One man even came up and asked us to lay him down. So I tried again and Danny woke up, had a fit and sat back up. The man said "ooops, sorry, please ignore me" and walked off looking embarrassed. Having a head-strong boy is a challenge I can tell you.

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