Wednesday, October 24, 2007

First Impressions of New Child Care

Yesterday I took Jack to meet his new child care woman, Tsegga, just for an hour. His current lady is having a baby in 4 weeks so we're moving, which Jack will be sad about as he loves the other kids and has a great time there.

It went okay at Tsegga's but not great. I had to move my car when I got there so she held Jack while I scampered down her driveway and I could hear Jack screaming and crying for me. When I got back to her door he had tears dripping off his chin and he grabbed me like I was going to leave him forever. UGH, heartbreaking. We met 3 of the other kids, Ian (3), Zach (same age as Jack), and Sophie (13 months). Another kid (18 months) was off sick.

First impressions? Good I think. She seems really nice with the kids and none of them were hiding from her or looking terrified. Jack warmed up after a few minutes and started playing but kept close to me the whole time. He starts full-time with her on Monday and I know he'll be upset a bit the first day but hopefully he'll adjust quickly.

I had got my knickers in a twist about Jack getting bullied because the other kids have been with Tsegga since they were 2 months old and they all know each other but my fears were put to rest on that front too. Ian was too busy showing me with great pride the Lego tower he'd made. Zach (who by the way is HUGE and weighs 40 lbs to Jack's 24) just sat looking at me and I kept thinking "I'm going to nickname him "Thor" and Sophie was trying so hard to stand up she couldn't break her concentration by paying us any mind.

So, still a nervous wreck about it and I know he's really going to miss his current place but I've just got to get on with it, because unless I win the lottery, I can't stay at home. Not that I'm sure I would anyway as I love my job. Phew, that would be a tough call.

I'll post a picture of Jack with Tsegga when he starts, so you can all see who's looking after our little love.

OH, the picture at the top - FINALLY I have a dining room table & chairs! This means I no longer have to stand in front of Jack's high chair feeding him, with him communicating to my belly. Of course it also means it's one more thing he can climb on and he's already taken a flying squirrel leap off one of the chairs.

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