Animals on the Loose!

Bizarre news tonight from Zanesville, Ohio! The little town I took my family to last year and home to the famous wild west author Zane Grey has had a horrible turn of events.
The owner of an exotic animal farm has been shot dead and his animals released. All 48 of them, including grizzly bears, wolves, tigers, lions, giraffes, camels, cougars, and cheetahs. Can you imagine how terrifying that is for a mum taking her kids to school tomorrow? Or someone getting out of their car, on a dark driveway at home tonight? You lock your car then turn around and see a grizzly! The words poo and pants come to mind. So far 25 of the animals have been killed and the Sheriff has a "shoot to kill" strategy given that his number one concern has to be public safety.
Meanwhile, I am just glad I do not live in Zanesville right now, since I still have poorly feet and can't run. Our Cody wouldn't fare too well either with his old man paunch. We'd have to wait until the elderly neighbour left the house and just hope he looks more tasty.


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