It's the Best Right Now

Our Jack has developed three new habits this week. Firstly, he wants to know what we are doing for every minute of the whole day so that when I answer "having breakfast" I get "Then what?" until I've relayed the whole day's activities, right down to going to bed. The next thing he's started doing is asking me pretty informed and difficult questions. Good for him! Argh for me! On the way to soccer tonight I had to try my best describing what happens to objects when they re-enter the earth's atmosphere. I must confess I made half of it up. Last week he asked me how electricity gets into the house and I said something about wires and it running like water then mumbled something about how the slide makes his hair stands on end and made a hasty retreat to the kitchen. I think I got away with it. I think perhaps it is time to buy a nice big encyclopedia (for me, not for him). The last (and lovely) thing he's started doing is waiting until he's in bed then whispering "can I tell you about school?" and then he gives me a few snippets from his day.

I wish my family in England could see Daniel right now. He's unbelievable sweet and funny and such a unique little person. I can't get enough of him. It makes me sad that they are missing out on him, and him on them. This morning he looked out the window and he said "mummy it's froggy!" and yes it was foggy. And each time we come in the front door, he pokes the little Halloween gel-clings I have on the glass and he says "like jelly!" I could just eat him.

I did love my boys as babies but this time, right now, is my favourite time. It just seems to get better and better. When Jack asks me to sing to him and stroke his head before bed, when Danny kisses all of my left arm when he sits on the potty, when Jack runs to meet me when I get home from work, when Danny says "I'm a rockstar!" and dances his butt off, when Jack sings Katie Perry's Firework. It's all fabulous.


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