A Most Sober Update

Danny's pre-school didn't get much better this week. He cried again Thursday and the teacher has told me to just drop and go. I know she's right but ugh. They do say that he calms down and is ok after I've left but I think it takes a while. I know that I'm not the first mum to go through this but it's awful. I hide outside so I can peek in his room to see if he's stopped crying and on Thursday I saw him stood by the sink, sobbing so hard he could hardly catch his breath.

We had Jack's open house and his first report card came home on Thursday. His card pretty much said "progressing towards" and "satisfactory" and a couple of "meetings" but no "excellent". I was a bit disappointed about it at first till I realised he's only been there two weeks. And then another mum at the open house told me that her son got an almost identical report. On Jack's it also said that he chatters too much. Absolutely no surprise there! He's been shouting over to the neighbours and pestering local supermarket cashiers since he was 18-months old! The open house was great though. His teacher had them all sing a few songs for us and he showed us around. He was very proud and so was I, especially when his teacher told me he deserved to be student of the week.

After a quick hair cut for both of them (I do love our authentic barber shop!) we've had a busy day today. Jack scored his first goal ever in a soccer game and was so pleased with himself. For a while now he's been confident in practice but then a bit scared of getting stuck in at games but today he tried his best and did it. In direct contrast to us forgetting the snacks last week, the lady who brought them this week brought coffee for all the adults and home-made soccer cookies for the kids. Bloody show-off.

I went to the football game this afternoon which was terrible. I haven't seen the Buckeyes play that bad in the 12 years I've lived in this country. It's going to be a terrible season!

And now I think I'm going to bed early. No wine for me for a while peeps. Trying to give the old body a rest. And Craig will be off trying to get bambi tomorrow so I've have the kids on my own. He's able to hunt on private property now which is a relief. I hate it when he goes off into public woods with God knows who else hiding in there with guns! I've seen Deliverance!


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