Role on November!

Well Halloween is over and I'm a bit glad. October is a bit of a drag for me as it marks the start of the looooong and cold Ohio winter and it just seems so rainy & grey. Not that we haven't had some fun this month with farm visits and costume parades and trick-or-treat tonight.

Both boys were Power Rangers of course. What else? They both had school parades but I missed Jack's today. I swear the paperwork from school didn't mention parent involvement so Craig and I thought we couldn't go. Turns out we were probably the only parents that didn't go so Jack was upset, and so am I.

I am now ready to move on to November for a few reasons. First, we have a trip planned to Nashville to see friends. Then it's Thanksgiving. And lastly we'll have the OSU:Michigan game. So I like November. And I have decided that I will once again participate in National Blog Posting Month by posting every day for 30 days so please come by and leave me a comment if you have time.


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