Jack's Parade

Jack came into the kitchen at 7am this morning and starting singing "Do you ever feel, like a plastic bag..." He then spent the time before school watching Katy Perry on You Tube. It was so funny.
The parade was great! All the local schools came together to support the local high school. Our Jack's school had made lovely t-shirts that said "We are Family" on the back. Here he is with his teacher, Mrs C.
Daniel spent the time taking his shoes off, throwing leaves, jumping off things and at one point banged his head on a concrete wall. I'm looking forward to the first event we go to where I don't have to have 1 eye on my youngest the whole time while he tries to take over the world. I only got a 12-second video of Mrs C and the group as they went past, even though I had planned for this all week. Mummy brain strikes again.


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